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My podcast, books and workshops are simple ways to realign our thoughts with the Creator’s thoughts of us. Once we are lined up with God’s thoughts…we see the big picture for our lives. Our limited thinking falls away. There are big plans for every single person’s life! It is to be joyful, creative, energizing, fun and filled with ease and flow.


As adults, we often bring into our world old thoughts and feelings from our past that do not serve us well.  These include doubts, fears, judgments and comparing ourselves to others, etc.  These thoughts become habits.  We don’t even know we are doing it.  We are typically surrounded by other people thinking the same way, so we don’t even question it. 


So, life becomes an uphill battle. We either give up on our own dreams and become complacent or we go negative, thinking this is just how life is. We stay stuck in our guilt, self-pity, frustration, and addictions.


Some recognize this thinking is not working and seek a new way. Through my personal realization I came to recognize a need for God and to be renewed in how God thinks. My life starts and finishes with my mindset. I understand my thoughts are my choice…. therefore, I believe, we can create a better life for ourselves starting with our thinking. It talks about this all through the bible.


In today’s growing new consciousness, we want a beautiful path for ourselves and our children and so does God. We want our children to take this different path. Have a different way of thinking. We really want to go back to the “original way of thinking” …back to how we were created. How EVERY ONE OF US was created! It all started with LOVE!  It started with beauty, creativity, awe…that was/is the Creator’s way of thinking. I believe, it is time to return to this “original” thinking. That is the basic theme for all my creative outlets---podcasts, books, and workshops.


As a Mom, my goal has always been to show my children how they think about their life is a choice. They can choose how they focus their thoughts. Thoughts can be changed by first our awareness of them, then it takes desire and practice. Anyone can do it! This message is reflected in all my books.

IF we could wake up every day to know the “original” basics in our heart:

1) We are loved more than we can begin to imagine by a powerful God.

2) We have incredible gifts/ talents to share.

3) We are guided and protected by a loving God.

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