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Where is your focus? What are you focusing on daily? What we give attention to impacts how we think and feel and creates the world we live in. In this heart-felt story, Judge Naught’s assignment is to capture the child’s attention and encourage the child to remember the Promises of God. Judge Naught lovingly “BAM BAM BAMs” his gavel and helps to release what does not serve the child. Judge Naught teaches by focusing on the Promises of God, we can see the world as God sees it. This is the Power of Judge Naught.

Rulers Don't Measure Pic.jpg

The journey of Life can have its challenges. When we are not sure of what to do or how to do it, sometimes we compare ourselves to others. At times, we judge ourselves as not measuring up. As you will read in this inspiring story, the character does a lot of comparing as he tries to find his way. He encounters some interesting situations and learns a great lesson in the end. He learns how he wants to rule his life. Young people are often trying to find their way in life. They compare themselves to others and can be harsh and unkind in their thinking about themselves. This book can help them with their confidence, identity and knowing that they are special and unique.

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I grew up cautious and afraid. Family life as a child was fearful, lonely and strange. It kinda made sense that I would create a friend (or mindset) that would keep me safe. It is very sad but true, how in a dysfunctional family the beautiful gifts of God have to be hidden in order to survive. This is the story of how a young girl learned to use Doubt to "stay under the radar" of life then matured to learn another more lovely way.

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Standing in pain and grief when it would have been easier to just end it all. Allowing a life to end in life’s own terms. Being present with her each step of the way. Even having conversations with her. Learning from her. Growing with her. Then, letting her go. This is my miscarriage story. I endured it with my beloved husband. We chose: Love and not Despair. Letting go instead of clinging in anger and disappointment. Feeling it all instead of blocking and turning hard and cold. We pray this brings hope, encouragement and love into the center of your heart and that you feel our hearts talk.

Special contribution by Patricia Harman RN CNM, Former Midwife and Author of The Midwife of Hope River series and other books


For adults or teens looking to strengthen their spiritual toolbox

Using small group workshops to

Lovingly and spiritually clear mindset blocks

Find truth of own gifts and authentic identity

Have joyful confidence in who you were created to be

For educators

Using books to start conversations

Discuss hard to talk about topics with young children

Allow students to see their unique personal gifts

Book readings and inspirational discussion

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